Talent Intelligence & Reporting

“Take control of your strategic talent problems by using our self service cloud platform. Create custom reports, dashboards with real time analytics and share with your teams”

Faster time to hire
Faster time to hire
Social recruitment gives and immense boost and visibility, with our pre-qualified assessment giving you just qualified lead
Reduction in cost to hire
Reduction in cost to hire
We create set of pre-defined candidates and target their look a like across social media platform, reducing your cost to hire
Reduction in attrition
Reduction in attrition
Our artificial intelligence driven algorithm access employee at risk which help to avoid attrition and take necessary steps
Relavent candidate result
Relavent candidate result
With ideal persona in place, our result fetches the candidates relevant to the job criteria

What if you knew..

... which companies you LOOSE talent to


What pipeline do you want to build

Analyze reasons why you are loosing to this competitor

Identify top organisations where talent is moving.

Also predict where exsisting employee can mostly likely go
talent out

What if you knew..

... which companies you should  HIRE talent from


Optimize your talent acquisition strategy,

Find out where your key talent is coming from
talent in

How about a clear picture of..

... skills exiting your company
... hot skills your competition is  gaining


Plan your workforce for future by analyzing skills needed

Compare skills vs your competition

Analyze skills and competition by region, by city

Forecasting and predicting your future talent skills.
skill movement

What if you could...

Build your Talent Pipeline and Connect with Candidate Directly

Curated pipeline of talent pool. 
​ Build your talent pipeline by finding and connecting to passive candidates with ideal skillsets. 

Connect to a candidate with a personalized message directly via email or social media.

Review 360 degree profiles of your employees and candidate c> urated from 30+ social media channels, emails, professional boards and public information into a living database.
profile incline

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