Audience Analytics Platform

“Simplifying the correct persona with an Artificial Intelligence driven platform. Discovering the right persona for your business need”

Discover Persona that perfectly fits your target Audience.

Find out exactly your customer persona by unifying your digital and social media audience.

Our analytics platform understand their interest & affinities, suggest the best medium to reach out to them on multiple social media campaign
discover accurate social media persona

Get an enhance look on your targeted profiles

​Get complete insights on what your targeted persona profiles which are most likely to engage with and where are they most active.

Our analytics platform find out most active channel of particular profile and target them accordingly
careersocially realestate most active

Discover Similar Persona

If you have complete list of ideal persona our Analytics platform generates audience similar to your ideal persona, making your targeting efficient

With time our system machine learns and create similar audience which engage with live ads and creating look a like of audience from pool of 150+ million profiles
careersocially realestate look a like audience

“Discover right audience for your business today”


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