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“CSRemoteGen is a remote workspace solution designed to keep your workforce connected from cross localities and helps to maintain productivity and efficiency”

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What is CSRemoteGen?

CSRemoteGen is a remote workspace solution designed to keep your workforce connected from cross localities and helps to maintain productivity and efficiency. The integrated corporate solution, CSRemoteGen identifies the best-suited remote workspaces closer to your employee’s location, book the space on your behalf, and assists you to get your employee onboard and manage the deployment. The solution also includes vendor management and hassle-free single billing method that allows you to use multiple dedicated workstations in remote workspaces across several localities by signing a single agreement.

The unique remote workspace solution empowers organizations to circumvent an obstruction like Covid-19 on the road to progress. CareerSocially’s proprietary remote workspace solution CSRemoteGen allows positioning an organization to recover from business interruptions faster and improve business continuity.

Why CSRemoteGen Is Required?

Amid the current crisis of Covid-19, the lockdown has crippled several organizations, and revenue generation has become increasingly onerous. The restrictions on the movement of vehicles have forced employers to adopt the work-from-home culture. Despite all efforts, business operations aren’t running smoothly due to the communication gap among peers and subordinates. Moreover, 45% of productivity loss arises due to working from unprofessional environments.

An innovative remote workspace solution like CSRemoteGen is the need of the hour which ensures that your employees get a highly motivated and enriching environment while being near home and work for your organization with zeal and diligence. The flexibility of choosing your desired numbers of workstations makes the solution cost-effective as well. You can adopt the new normal “work remotely” and can reinstate the business operations with the help of CSRemoteGen.

How CSRemoteGen Works?

1. Aggregate User Requirements

On receiving a query for remote workspace solution, we connect with you within the mentioned time and invest our time and effort in understanding your requirements. We assimilate your strategy of spreading the workforce and determine the number of workstations your employees would require across geographies. Post knowing your budget and the duration for which you require workspaces, we conduct an interactive session where we take interest in understanding your company’s culture and the environment you offered in your own corporate space. Gathering the aforesaid details, we proceed to build an exemplary model for a remote workspace that would fit your business and employees needs.

2. Shortlist & Finalize The Workspace

Once we design the ideal workspace model based on your inputs, we initiate our search in our proprietary workspace database and ascertain the potential workspaces in the required cities. We screen the culture, ambience, and facilities in those co-working destinations and shortlist the places that would be the right fit for your employees. From the array of multiple workspaces we shortlist, you can select and finalize the desired units in remote office centers and choose the duration for dedicated seats.

3. Sign Up A Single Agreement

To formalize the whole discussion, CSRemoteGen request you to sign a single agreement to gain access to all your requested office spaces. We try to give a hassle-free experience to our clients and hence, maintain a single agreement for all remote workspace usage. On signing the contract, you receive immediate access to the remote offices and we also assist your remotely located employees in the smooth onboarding process.