Lead Generation for Real Estate

“Targeting right audience at right platform to engage relevant leads”

Intelligent Lead Routing

Our AI Driven lead routing algorithm assigns the right lead to right person. Create routing rules for your business

AI Driven lead routing is based on
careersocially real estate
Agent Competency
careersocially real estate
Agent Performance
careersocially real estate
careersocially real estate
Lead Social Profile Analysis
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Targeting Persona on 20+ Social Media Platform

With our platform discovering right social media platform to target each persona, we  strategies and target the ads on relevant platform to each persona.
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careersocially human verification

Each lead is “human verified” to increase agent efficiency

Our real estate professional gather requirement of each lead and match with agent requirements and setup subsequent meeting with agent.

We send leads which matches agent criteria, hence saving lot of time & effort to filter out relevant leads”

Discover right set of persona from our 150 million+ profiles

Our data gathering algorithm capture data from 50+ sources. With type of ads we discover the right persona from our pool of 150+ million profiles. 

Our algorithm runs in real-time to capture and update existing data thereby giving most updated data
careersocially profiles
careersocially technology

Artificial Intelligence Driven Audience Analytics Platform

Discover the right set of audience to target where the audience is most socially active make our marketing plan more effective and efficient

Our Lead Management System show you just qualified leads

Leads which are marked by our real estate professional are shared to you on our Lead Management Portal increasing your efficiency
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“With more than 150+ million user profiles our Artificial intelligence driven platform defines right audience with right ads”


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